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How can you create a session in servlet?

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What is difference between Forward() and sendRedirect() methode?

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Elucidate servlet attributes and its scope?

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Explain load on start-up and its importance?

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The code in a finally clause will never fail to execute, right?

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How do you load an image in a Servlet?

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hi.... i have problem in running of servlet. i am using Tomcat server in my pc.. The problem is when i am click on strat it will display like below FAIL - Application at context path /first could not be started.. How i can slove the problem.. help plz

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Should I override the service() method?

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A client sends requests to two different web components. Both of the components access the session. Will they end up using the same session object or different session ?

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What exception should be thrown when servlet is not properly initialized?

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what is servlet and what you get when we use servlets?

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How do I support both get and post from the same servlet?

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Why don't we write a constructor in a servlet?

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