What are the types of enterprise bean?

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Match the ejb functions given below with the functionality equivalent in sql?

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How can one EJB be called from within another EJB?

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An instance of stateful session ejb when accessed simultaneously from more than one clients on same vm results in remoteexception or ejbexception. In case the client is a servlet thread, which of the techniques can be used to avoid remoteexception/ejbexception?

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what is mean by API ? Please answer me. Advance thanks.

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How does ejb invocation happens?

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What are the design goals of EJB Architecture?

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Which services are provided to ejb components by the ejb container?

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how can we decide a session bean as stateless or stateful without seeing jar file? i.e. by seeing the class file.

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Can the primary key in the entity bean be a Java primitive type such as int?

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Is success EJB3.0 in the Market? IF yes just explain main differences between EJB2.0 and EJB3.0.

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How the container will maintain synchronization for multiple calls to the entity bean?

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How ejb invocation happens?

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