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What is function overriding and overloading in java?

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What is public static?

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What is the difference between procedural and object-oriented programs?

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How do you remove spaces in java?

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how can i kill thread without stop() and destroy()

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What is dot operator?

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What is the use of predicate in java 8?

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What is the default value of byte datatype in java?

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can we have virtual functions in java?

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23. Storage space in java is of the form Stack Queue Heap List 24. What is java code embedded in a web page known as Applets Servlets scriptlets snippets 25. Which of the following attributes are compulsory with an <applet> tag?. code,height & width. 26. What does 'CODEBASE' in an applet tag specify?. Files absolute path.

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Why const and goto are reserved keyword in java?

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Explain the term serialization?

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What best practices should you follow while writing multithreaded code in java?

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