Can we use catch statement for checked exceptions?

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More Core Java Interview Questions

please send me hr interview questions in it industry

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Does java support Operator Overloading?

0 Answers   Flextronics,

When is the garbage collection used in Java?

0 Answers   BirlaSoft,

What is assembly condition codes?

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Why java Don't Support Multiple interitence

8 Answers   ABC, Exilant, IBM,

Why do we need variables?

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Can you explain the final method modifier?

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What does %d do in java?

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please write java program of instanceOf keyword implementation

2 Answers   TCS,

what release of java technology are currently available what do they contain?

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can we access the super class method using subclass object?

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Can we access a database using applets?

2 Answers   Hewitt,