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Can we able to pass objects as an arguments in java?

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when a request is generated from apache tomcat 5.5 and goes to oracle 10g or mysql,,, how the oracle or mysql reads the request as apache is a web server and oracle 10g is application server? when the oracle 10g provides response, how the apche tomcat reads it???

0 Answers   SAP Labs,

Which package has light weight components in java programming?

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What if static is removed from main method?

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Can a final method be overloaded?

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Which class is the immediate superclass of the Container class?

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What is difference between abstract class & final class

7 Answers  

Can private class be inherited in java?

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what is meant by serialization?

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Hi Friends, I am new to java. Can u explain about thread concept.How i know one thread is locked, and how can i force or acquire another thread for lock . Finally how to know thread is released from lock. Explain types of lock(like method level and block level) in thread.

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what is the difference between a threads start() and run() methods? : Java thread

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what is hashmap& hashtable with example?

1 Answers   CTS,

What is the range of the short datatype?

2 Answers