How to make a class or a bean serializable?

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What is string array?

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Is array a class?

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Difference String and String Buffer

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In what type of containers, Border layout is a default layout?

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What is the difference between Resultset and Rowset.

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What do you understand by copy constructor in java?

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Can a class have an interface?

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What is the unit of plancks constant?

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how come we know the object is no more used in the class?

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Hi am an mca graduate . i have done bsc maths in my degree . every company asks me why you make shift from maths group to computere field . What i need to answer?

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What is hash code collision?

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we have syntax like for(int var : arrayName) this syntax is to find whether a number is in the array or not.but i want to know how to find that number's location.

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