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suppose u have been seven tables based on that u have to
create a report u don't have access to db. then how do u
find the relation between tables

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What is the maximum size of a form ?

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If two groups are not linked in the data model editor, What is the hierarchy between them?

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running a report from Form or other Report , The Parameter Form Page will be Display first . I don?t want to display the screen . What I have to do ?

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Where do u define the select statement of the parameter? is it followed by the & variable ?

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What does TKPROF stand for?

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What do you mean by a pop-up window ?

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What is coordination Event?

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what is latest version in reports

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I need a query to list out "Subinventory Transfer" record from Oct 2016 to Oct 2017 for few users

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How many types of trigger can be used in a table at a time ?

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what are the different objects that you cannot copy or reference in object groups?

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how to pass 2 variables from one form to other form

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