What is difference between final and finally in java?

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Explain the scope or life time of class variables or static variables?

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Is a class subclass of itself?

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What is the difference between Java Program Constructor and Java Program Method, What is the purpose of Java Program constructor Please Explain it Breafily?

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What are the operands of instanceof operator?

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What is numeric promotion?

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In which JDK version event-delegation model is introduced?

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Does string is thread-safe in java?

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What happens if a try-catch-finally statement does not have a catch clause to handle an exception that is thrown within the body of the try statement?

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if u open login & logout ,how can udisplay the timelogin & logout members ?

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What is difference between add() and addelement() in vector?

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Is there a case when finally will not execute?

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What design pattern you have used in your project? I answered Factory pattern, how it is implemented? What are its advantage? Do know about Abstract Factory?

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