What is difference between final and finally in java?

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What is math in java?

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Is Java Class Threadsafe ????? How to make Java class Thread safe??

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What is the meaning of nullable?

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How can we create a object of a class without using new operator.

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How is string stored in java?

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What is 32 bit float?

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When is an object in the mean to garbage collection?

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ublic class Java_Coding_Samples { public static void JavaHungr(NumberFormatException ae){ System.out.println("integer"); } public static void JavaHungry(Exception e){ System.out.println("string"); } public static void JavaHungry(ArithmeticException ae){ System.out.println("object"); } public static void main(String[] args) { JavaHungry(null); }

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Is a case study a method or methodology?

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Can we create an object if a class doesn't have any constructor ( not even the default provided by constructor ) ?

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What is the difference between a checked and an unchecked exception?

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Can a lock be acquired on a class?

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