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Outline the major features of java.

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Will the compiler creates a default constructor if I have a parameterized constructor in the class?

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What is null statement?

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String is an immutable object. Then how can the following code be justified. String s1 = ?ABC?; String s1 = s1+?XYZ?; s.o.p(s1); The output is ABCXYZ, which is the value of s1 ?

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What is super keyword explain with example?

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What is the basic functionality of DataOutput interface in java?

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What is the difference between jvm and jre? What is an interface?

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What do bitwise operators do?

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What is close method? How it's different from Finalize & Dispose?

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Can we declare variables inside a method as Final Variables?

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How big is a boolean?

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What do you mean by flow of struts?

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Explain wait() method of object class ?

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