What kind of operations are possible on a semaphore?

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Explain bootstrap program in operating system.

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If there are too many page faults what is the problem?

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What is a real-time system?

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How much ram can a 64 bit os use?

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What is a mission critical system?

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What is Real Time Operating System (RTOS)? What are the advantages of RTOS?

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Who is the father of os?

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Give a brief description of the following terms: a) Play head b) Symbol c) Tweening d) ActionScript e) Frame rate f) Library panel g) Masking h) Context – sensitive Property Inspector i) Bandwidth Profiler j) Frame Label

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What is lts in node js?

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Is safari the same as internet explorer?

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What is the unified memory architecture? Explain.

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What are the advantage of using threads?

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