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What are the steps involved in placing a servlet within a package?

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What is the difference between servlet config and servlet context.

19 Answers   TCS, Tech Mahindra, Vertex,

How to maintain security in servlets?

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what happens if we wont use destroy()?

4 Answers   IBM,

what is session tracking?what are types of session tracking ?and when to cookies,when to use sessionmanagement,whent use url rewriting technique,plz explain briefly?

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Where do you define dispatcherservlet?

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What is Servlet API used for connecting database?

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Is it possible to send a mail from a servlet? Explain?

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What is the disadvantage of cookies?

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Can we use javascript in Servlets?

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What are the different ways we can maintain state between requests?

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What’s the difference between forward() and sendredirect() methods?

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What are session variable in servlets?

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