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What are the different types of modifiers?

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What are the different types of modifiers?..

Answer / subrahmanyam

(Inner classes only)

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What are the different types of modifiers?..

Answer / keerthana

private-visible to class only.
public-visible to world.
private-visible to package and subclasses.
static-for creating class,methods and variables.
final-for finalizing the implementation of class,methods and variables.
abstract-for creating abstract classes and methods.
volatile-for implementing threads.
synchronized-for implementing threads.

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Hi my doubt is that preparedStatement is a interface means which has no implemenation.plz go thru the code below String sql = "SELECT * FROM movies WHERE year_made = ?"; prest = con.prepareStatement(sql); prest.setInt(1,2002); ResultSet rs1 = prest.executeQuery(); Now setInt and executeQuery how it works since it is interface it does not have implementation how it works, how executeQuery returns result from database as executequery method has no implementation even in Statement interface.

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