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Explain the importance of thread scheduler in java?

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How to solve the problem of generating the unique hash keys with hash function?

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What is class forname?

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What is the difference between Trusted and Untrusted Applet ?

2 Answers   IBM,

Is c better than java?

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Considering notepad/ie or any other thing as process, what will happen if you start notepad or ie 3 times? Where 3 processes are started or 3 threads are started?

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What is the function of log?

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Why are there no global variables in java?

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how to identify duplicate values in arraylist

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Explain about varargs in java?

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Given: 1. package test; 2. 3. class Target { 4. public String name = “hello”; 5. } What can directly access and change the value of the variable name? 1 any class 2 only the Target class 3 any class in the test package 4 any class that extends Target

7 Answers   Infosys, WW,

Explain java coding standards for variables ?

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Given a singly linked list, find the middle of the list in a single traversal without using temporary variable.

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