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What is scalable, portability in the view of J2EE?

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In HashTable I am storing null value..then what is the error it will show

2 Answers   GM General Motors,

What is an applet?

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How would you reatach detached objects to a session when the same object has already been loaded into the session?

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What is the difference between RMI registry and OS Agent?

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whats is mean by class.forName() whats the return type of class

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Difference between loadclass and class.forname?

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What is the difference between session and entity beans?

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Name the method to find, if a thread is active or not?

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what is the diffrence between banking and insurance domain?

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what is default length of textfield ?

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a US company has filed my H1B visa ,, and i got selected in random number process.I wanna ask Could they ask regarding my languages(java,c++) or there will b just general questions?? And wat kind of questions will they ask in embassy interview??

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What are callback interfaces?

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