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What is meant by Superconductivity?

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What is meant by Superconductivity?..

Answer / shubham

Superconductivity is a phenomenon of exactly zero electrical resistance and expulsion of magnetic fields occurring in certain materials when cooled below a characteristic critical temperature. It was discovered by Heike Kamerlingh Onnes on April 8, 1911 in Leiden. Like ferromagnetism and atomic spectral lines, superconductivity is a quantum mechanical phenomenon. It is characterized by the Meissner effect, the complete ejection of magnetic field lines from the interior of the superconductor as it transitions into the superconducting state. The occurrence of the Meissner effect indicates that superconductivity cannot be understood simply as the idealization of perfect conductivity in classical physics

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What is meant by Superconductivity?..

Answer / pari

The phenomena in which the material losses its resistivity
when one cool it below a certain temperature.The materials
are known as superconductors.and the temperature is called
the critical temperature.

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What is meant by Superconductivity?..

Answer / faiz

it's the resistivity of the material heating or cooling

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What is meant by Superconductivity?..

Answer / gurusamyk3

This is nothing, for example current passing through
copper. This is one of the superconductivity

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