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What is Bootstrapping in RMI?

What is Bootstrapping in RMI?..

Answer / pravin bendre

To start with, you run a simple, lightweight HTTP server.
This server acts as the network server for the class files
needed for the RMI Client and Server.

The lightweight HTTP server is implemented by two classes
provided by Sun Microsystems. The file is
an abstract class, and the file is the
implementation class for the HTTP Server. This server is
very simple and only delivers Java class files.

You have to place the HTTP Server files in a subdirectory
different to the one containing the RMI Server and Client
files. After compilation, start the HTTP Server from within
its subdirectory and provide it a path parameter that tells
the HTTP Server to deliver class files from the RMI server

Next, you create and run the bootstrap RMI Server for the
bootstrap example. The server is very similar to other RMI
Servers you have run. One of the main differences in this
example is that the client code is located in the same
directory as the server. Note that all of the files have
already been created for you. It is up to the HTTP Server
to deliver the client classes to the client computer.

Finally, you will create the RMI bootstrap loader program, Make sure that this file is located
in a separate directory from the ones containing the HTTP
Server files and the RMI Client and Server files. The sole
purpose of this program is to start and then request
the 'real' client software from the network. The requests
for classes are then serviced by the HTTP Server that you
ran earlier in the exercise.

One of the challenges of building a bootstrap program is
passing start-up information from the bootstrap portion of
the system to the real client code. The program uses a
system property to store information that must be
communicated to the real-client program.

Again, note that in this exercise it is important to run
the programs in the following sequence:

Bootstrap HTTP Server
Bootstrap RMI Server
Bootstrap RMI Client

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