What are the files generated after using IDL to java compiler?

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What is a deadlock ?

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Does java set allow duplicates?

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What are exceptions

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How to excute - Interface - Inner class- method can any one tell how to execute/ call this main method public interface abc { static int i=0; void dd(); class a1 { a1() { int j; System.out.println("inside"); }; public static void main(String a1[]) { System.out.println("in interfia"); } } }

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What is garbage collection? Can it be forced to run?

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What is variable declaration and definition?

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What is variable in java?

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What are the access modifiers available in java?

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What was java originally called?

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What are the advantages of user defined functions?

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what is overloading and overriding with example?

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Why 1 is not a prime number?

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