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What is ServletContext object?

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In jsp custom tags from child tags to how many levels of parent tags you can acess

1 Answers   Bosch,

init() method of servlet loaded by?

3 Answers  

If my browser does not support cookie, and my server sends a cookie instance what will happen?

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What is a web application and what is it’s directory structure?

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can u give some realtime example in ploymorphism? and inheritance?

11 Answers   SolutionNET,

What are the steps that are required to handle the multi-threading?

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How can you push data from an Applet to a Servlet?

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How do cookies work in servlets?

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What is session tracking?

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Servlet Chaining? How do you do the Filtering in Servlets?

6 Answers   HCL,

Differentiate between get and post?

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Why setMaxAge() and getMaxAge() methods are used in Cookies?

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