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What is an empty class? What functionality does it offer in Java?

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How can you read an integer value from the keyword when the application is runtime in java? example?

0 Answers   HCL,

Why isn’t there operator overloading?

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Given a singly linked list, find the middle of the list in a single traversal without using temporary variable.

0 Answers   Fidelity,

What is the purpose of garbage collection in java, and when is it used?

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Can we extend the String class?

3 Answers   Truworth,

In the below example, what will be the output?

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where singleton classes are used in j2ee web application.can we use it for connection pooling.

1 Answers  

Does java isempty check for null?

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Why do we need hashset in java?

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What are void methods?

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What is nested interface?

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what is the diffrence between class and object?

5 Answers