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What is exception and error? and what is the difference
between them?

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What is exception and error? and what is the difference between them?..

Answer / krishnakanth

Exception and Errors are two subclasses of Throwable Class.

Exception:-Exception can be devided into two other groups.

Checked Exceptions and Unchecked Exceptions.

Checked Exceptions are the User defined exceptions and it
must be caught by the user.(Eg:IOException etc.)

Unchecked Exceptions are the subclasses of Runtime
Exception.(Eg:FileNotFound Exception,Division by Zero etc.)

Errors:-Errors are the external interrupts that terminates
the execution of the program.That means Errors ate out of
user control.It can't be catched by the user.(Eg:
OutOfMemory Exception etc.)

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What is exception and error? and what is the difference between them?..

Answer / janet

The exception class defines mild error conditions that your
program encounters.
Ex: Arithmetic Exception,FileNotFound Exception

Exception can occur when
--> Try to open the file,which does not exist
--> the network connection is disrupted.
--> operands being manipulated are out of prescribed
--> the class file you are interested in loading is
The error class defines serious error conditions that
you should not attempt to recover from .in most cases it is
advisable to let the program terminate when such an error
is encountered.
Ex. Running out of memory error,stack overflow error.

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