What is a deadlock ?

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What is a deadlock ?..

Answer / janet

When two threads are waiting each other and can't proceed
the program is said to be deadlock.

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What is a deadlock ?..

Answer / ravikiran(aptech mumbai)

deadlock is the state which will occur when two synchronized
methods calling one another continuously

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What is a deadlock ?..

Answer / annonmys

deadlock is the state when different processes are waiting
for the resorces held by any other processes, which in turn
are waiting for some other processes and so on. in this
situation no process is able to perform the required task
and hence goes in the deadlock state.

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What is a deadlock ?..

Answer / madhuri reddy

if one process need a resourse,but it is used by another
process.then that process wait for sometime for that
resourse.that process wait sometime later it will go to
deadlock stage.

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What is a deadlock ?..

Answer / hanu

If a process is waiting for a resource is using by
another process in that case deadlock encounter if its
waited undefinetly(For a certain period) ..

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