What is meant by class loader and how many types are there?

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What is meant by class loader and how many types are there?..

Answer / bhaskar verma

Class loader is a ways to load in the class in the
memory.The class loader is of two type.
1)static Loading.
2)Dyamic Loading.

Dynamic way is done by the help of class.forName();
Static loading is done by 4 ways.
1)In command prompt when u type "java <filename>.The class
is loaded.
2)When new keyword is use.Ex. Hello h=new Hello().
3)When you invoke a static method with the class name.
Ex. Hello.m1().m1() is the static method with null value.

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What is meant by class loader and how many types are there?..

Answer / lucky

Class Loader: Class loder is mainly responsible for loading java class into JVM.

There are 3 types of java class loaders:

1)Bootstrap class loader :loads jdk jars.
2)Extensions class loader : loads java classes from the path
3)System class loader : loads the java classes from system class path , class path has been set by the CLASSPATH environment variable.

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