I am a fresher and know core java, c languge, html, css etc

if I am illegible for any job then send it on my email tatranakshay276@gmail.com

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Why we use static and synchronized in method for single thread model example: public static synchronized add(){}

2 Answers  

can we take more than one null values for Unique constraints.

1 Answers   3i Infotech,

what is mean by method signature?

7 Answers   Satyam,

String is a immutable objects . it means that string does not change........... But it will be chang......... { String s="kapil"; String s1="raj"; String s=s1; then print(.......) The String has been changed .. how it is possible and why its called immutable objects

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How many types of thread in java? give the name

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Which is not Object in Java?

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Name the components that are termed to be Heavy-weight component but available in Light-weight components?

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what is difference between abstract and interface? can i give real time example for the two topics?

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how to run servlet program between two computer through the internet ?

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if am have 100 threads(for ex:T1,T2---T100) how we give priority to these threads and how the system excute these threads

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perpare on factorypattern,linklist wothout using collection, (multitharding ie create producer/customer therad producer create Queue continuesly,consumer consume queue, consumer wait if queue is full,producer wait if queue is empty),diff betn sleep(1000)&wait(1000) these r the main Q ask in huawei(2008)

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Write POJO class as a key to hashmap???

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