Difference between Apache and Jboss

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Weblogic admin don't know the admin credentials of weblogic 8.1 UI..how can he get the credentials?

2 Answers   IBM,

What is managed server

5 Answers   Tech Mahindra,

In Future how the role of WEBLOGIC in realtime ?

0 Answers   HCL,

If your client asks toupgrade the jdk version. How can you do this and after then what are the post changes needed

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howmany types in garbage collection

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diff b/w managed server and non managed server? can u briefly explain?

3 Answers   Wipro,

How to set Connection Pool size in Weblogic Server ?

11 Answers   Infosys,

what is difference between cor dump and heap dump. Explain the situation when you have to take thead dump and when to take heap dump

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when we creates a domain, it creates one-startManagedWebLogic in bea user_projects\domains\MyDomain\bin dir. Suppose we have 2 or more than 2 managed severs in our unix env.how can we start all our managed servers. I know we have to copy startManagedWebLogic with server name.then wht to modify in the script to start ecah of the managed servers?

3 Answers   HP,

where the transaction logs will be stored

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what is proxy? how it is used in real time?

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hey how can i give words instead of url in orkut?? eg:"click here" instead of a url..when i clik that word it should direct to another page..please help me....

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