What is the number which when divided by 12,15 and 24 gives remainder 5?

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a and b works in 72 days b and c works in 120 days a and c works in 90 days so a alone works in how many days

1 Answers   RBI,

please tell me some links where i got earlier exam paper of gate at free of cost...

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i live in water, if you cut my head i am your door,if you cut my tail i am a fruit,if you cut both then i am with u.who am i?

1 Answers   Infosys,

I have lost my SSC and +2 certificates could i know how to get them, my education is basically from andhra, is there any web site of governament to get my copies since i am outside my state? please any one guide me, thanks in advance

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a guy hired 5 men to work on a project and they completed the job in 13 days. IF, on the 4th day, 2 men resigned, then how long would they complete the job?

0 Answers   IBM,

Which of the following is a true statement?

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i am aspiring for the psu exams soon to be conducted by bsnl. can anybody kindly guide me as to where i can procure the study material

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what is density of flyash?

1 Answers   Bhel,

Find a five digit number subject to following conditions 1.It contains 2 prime no digits 2.3rd digit is the lagest. 3.1st digit = (3 rd digit - 1). 4.Sum of 4th digit and 5th digit is less than 1st digit. 5.Value of the 5th digit lies between the value of 1st digit and 2nd digit, 5th digit is one half of the 4th digit.

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what is the name of transformer

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Give the name in which indian hill station was the first ropeway constructed ?

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what are the types of threads ?

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