i am B.E Civil engineer 2 year exp in construction i want to job in singapore so pls tell me any best and trust oversea consultancy in chennai plzs help me

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hi r B.sc electronics 2 nd yr students can apply for this appsc. or they should apply only in final yr any thing like that pl tell me the details.

0 Answers   Genpact,

What is the most difficult situation you have ever faced in your life?

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What's the difference between PageRank and ToolBar PageRank?

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I had a gap of 6 yrs after my 11th now i am giving 12th sci exam in march 09 i do have work exp of 2yrs in broking company i have some ? 1) Is it possible for me to give banks exam clerical and wht wud be the perception for bank interview if i do wellin ent? 2) wht wud be the other way out as my finacial background is weak? please answer me

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i need information about FRIENDSHIP at least 2 minits

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Sir, I have completed my BTech in Electronics and Communication and also MTech in Nanoscience .But I want to come in the banking sector. What are the questions expected in interview ? plz help

0 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

What is the difference between legal and organisational?

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Dear Friends, Can any body provide RC Reddy study material for GROUP-II exams. Or can u plz tell me where can I get RC reddy Printed study material for Group-II. It would be highly appriciated if you provide me the details.

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How do you evaluate success ?

0 Answers   Amdocs, UK Embassy,

what is meaning of M30 concrete? if this is called compressive srenth of the 150mmx150mmx150mm concre cube at 28 days age then what is the concrete strength in psi?

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actually what is network sniffer? can anybody give me answer plzzzzzz.thanking you.......

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what is the establishment code??????????????

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