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What are listeners in java and explain ?

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What are listeners in java and explain ?..

Answer / raman

A listener is called when the user does something to the user
interface that causes an event. Altho these events usually
come from the user interface.

Named Inner Class Listeners -
Anonymous Inner Class Listeners -
Top-level Listeners -
Action and AbstractAction -
External Listeners -
Subclassing a component and overriding processActionEvent().

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What are listeners in java and explain ?..

Answer / raman

Twelve types of event are used in Java AWT. These are as
follows :
1. ActionEvent
2. AdjustmentEvent
3. ComponentEvent
4. ContainerEvent
5. FocusEvent
6. InputEvent
7. ItemEvent
8. KeyEvent
9. MouseEvent
10. PaintEvent
11. TextEvent
12. WindowEvent

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