How are this and super used?

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Answer / sucharitha

this() is used to invoke present class constructor.Super()
is used to invoke super class Constructor.

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Answer / niranjanravi

this is used to resolve the naming collision between class
scope var. and method scpoe var.
super is used to the resolve the naming collision between
superclass member and subclass member.

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Answer / ravikiran(aptech mumbai)

this keyword is used to refer the current instance of the
particular class where as super keyword is used to refer the
superclass members.

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Answer / kabita

'this' and super are two keywords in java.
'this' doesn't support inheritance bt 'super' supports
this keyword is used in two cases differentiate betn instance and local variables.
2.calling of one constructor from another constructor.
Restriction:this keyword should be written in lowercase &
must used in firstline.more than one 'this' keyword is not
used in one block.
super is used 4 three reason.
1.differentiates betn superclass variable & child class
2.calling of superclass constructor in childclass
constructor. is also used in calling of superclass override method
in child class.
it must be in 1stline.
must be in lowercase.

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Answer / shripal

this() keyword is use to invoke the current class.
while super() keyword is use to invoke super class.

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Answer / sreekar reddy vanguru

Mainly this() is used to avoid hidding the field varaibles
by the varaibles of the methods which are having same name..

super() is used to invoke the super class from sub class...

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Answer / qim2010

this() is used to invoke a constructor of the same class

super() is used to invoke a super class constructor and

Example of using this():
public Pet(int id) { = id; // “this” means this object
public Pet (int id, String type) {
this(id); // calls constructor public Pet(int id)
this.type = type; // ”this” means this object

Example of using super():

If a class called “SpecialPet” extends your “Pet” class then
you can
use the keyword “super” to invoke the superclass’s
constructor. E.g.
public SpecialPet(int id) {
super(id); //must be the very first statement in the

To call a regular method in the super class use:
“super.myMethod( );”. This can be called at any line.

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