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what is a/c no. 1,2 21 and other in esic calcultion?

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Constitution of Iran is rigid or flexible?

1 Answers  

How you will handle a situation where a police officer wants a warrant signed or wants to file particular charges and you do not agree with his/her assessment?

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VAT & CST Payment and Returns due dates in Uttarakhand????

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if you keep googles and if you see Indian flag what colour it can see

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What is a Queen's Counsel and how does one become one?

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I want to sale furniture in west bengal & Gujrat to end user or to a office then should i require road permit & if then from where should i get it. because i am going to bill with 12.5% vat.

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hello this is imran from hyd, my question regarding the law, my father was in police department in Andhra Pradesh before death,as my mother is 2nd wife to him(my father),my father took divorce from 1st wife 20 years ago by Muslim law,the nominee for the pension after my father is my mom that is 2nd wife, but still my mom is not getting pension , what i have to do plz mail me to

2 Answers  

What are your views on the franchising of legal aid firms?

3 Answers   Infosys,

The person who issued arrest warrants against President of India and Chief Justice of India

2 Answers   LAWCET,

A Company puts an advert in a local newspaper: 'Buy our brilliant guide to getting into university and we guarantee you will be offered a place at your first choice or your money back and £1000'. James buys the guide, follows its advice but is rejected from everywhere he applies. The Company refuses to give him his money back. Can he sue for breach of contract?

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ano ngaba ang nauna manok ba o itlog

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In near future would you be willing to manage a branch office? If no, why not?

0 Answers   ELC Technologies,