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What is MahaDharma?

What is MahaDharma?..

Answer / abhijit das

'MahaDharma'is the Religion of Human Development. The
Essence of 'MahaDharma': You have a conscious mind; this is
why you are human being. Still it is not enough developed.
You need to develop your mind, to be enough developed human
being. This is your basic religion.

As a human being by birth or desire, you may belong to any
current religion. As a human being, your leading and
fundamental Religion and ‘Dharma’ is ‘Manav Dharma’ –the
religion of humanity, and this is MahaDharma.
By holding or sustaining which system or way, one can
realize oneself in his/her own reality and can be able to
get a better life, can advance towards the aim of life –to
be fully developed human being, is ‘MahaDharma’.
‘MahaDharma’ is the duties –karmas and thinking, fit for
human beings. The main among that is– trying to ‘develop the
mind’, as much as possible, to proceed with the aim of
growing ‘Completely developed human being’. ‘Manav Dharma’
(obligations of Human being) is ‘MahaDharm’.

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