Explain Stream Tokenizer?

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Explain Stream Tokenizer?..

Answer / neema

The StreamTokenizer class takes an input stream and parses
it into "tokens", allowing the tokens to be read one at a

Reader r = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(is));
StreamTokenizer st = new StreamTokenizer(r);

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Explain Stream Tokenizer?..

Answer / qim2010

The StreamTokenizer class can tokenizer a Reader into
tokens. For instance, in the string "Mary had a little lamb"
each word is a separate token.

We need to move through the tokens in the underlying Reader
by calling the nextToken() method in a loop. After each
call to nextToken() the StreamTokenizer has several fields
you can read to see what kind of token was read, it's value
etc. These fields are:

ttype The type of token read (word, number, end of line)
sval The string value of the token, if the token was a
string (word)
nval The number value of the token, if the token was a

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Explain Stream Tokenizer?..

Answer / srinu

Stream Tokenizer from java.util package this class
implements Enumeration interface.This class break the string
into tokens with take parameter as delimeter

import java.util.*;
public class Strtok

public static void main(String [] args)

String Demo = "This is a string that we want to tokenize";
StringTokenizer Tok = new StringTokenizer(Demo);
int n=0;
while (Tok.hasMoreElements())
System.out.println("" + ++n +": "+Tok.nextElement());

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Explain Stream Tokenizer?..

Answer / ravikiran(aptech mumbai)

StringTokenizer is a class of java.util package.
It's main purpose is to break the string into tokens with
reference to a delimeter

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