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i wan job in architectural degsiner

i wan job in architectural degsiner..

Answer / dcpl


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I am architecture student. What type of foundation is preferred in Alluvial soil ? where the soil texture is sandy loam...and also which type of foundation is used for steel structure which will be for 6 story building design

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why you want to become artictecture

0 Answers   JP Group,

tell about different type of wood available in india and there uses?

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How is BP in CRM synchronised with R/3? What r all the steps involved?can we do the partner determination based on SALES AREAS?

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What is water cement ratio?

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if we remove the hd of a pc wether it will run or not? if yes how or if no why?

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how to measure 4mm,6mm,12mm,18mm plywood into a cubic meter and how many layers in a cubic meter

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What is the name of the first type of building used in Christian Churches?

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what is the KVAR and how to measure it ?

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I am in the process of designing a small traditional Japanese house for myself. I am trying to use as many natural materials as possible. I believe one of the traditional methods was the use of clay in the exterior walls and finish. I would like to stay away from treated plywood if I can. Could you offer some suggestions?

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Dear Sir, I got 90kilowat and 3 face for my house.So which cable is the best for my home main line. Thanks Bashir Ahmed e-mail:

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what is the difference between R/3 Number range and CRM range?

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