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If Q is the point of ABCD rectangle where QA=3CM,QB=4CM,and
QC=5cm then find the length of QD ?

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dear sir, pls provide me a placement paper for hpcl exam for mechanical exam. this is a request pls do the needful as early as possibl my mail id is

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weather any body knows how th partiton of sections in rrb is aote 1,genera nowlge 2,intellgince 3,maths 4,english 5,science

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1 Answers   Jindal,

What are the most asked questions for learner operators in the interview for eskom?

0 Answers   Eskom,

what is inflationWhat is Inflation? How can we calucalate inflation? and what is the present rate of Inflation?

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There is a bucket with lots of marbles. Some are red, some are blue, some are green and some are orange. We don't know the quantity of any. With your closed eyes how many minimum number of marbles you will pick so as to 100% sure that atleast 2 marbles have the same colors.

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c program to compare the initial portions of the two strings and return the matched portion if matches, otherwise return the empty string.

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A new group of countries called BASIC is frequently mentioned in the news. which of the following is not one of them? (a) Argentina (b) Brazil (c) India (d) South Africa

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What is the broadcast address of the subnet address ?

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sir , please send me previous gate ece questionpapers with explanations.i want 15 years of gate ece question papers

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What is the number which when divided by 12,15 and 24 gives remainder 5?

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types of highways

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