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please help me.. how to write a code of this output??

"Enter range number:"10

1 is an odd number
2 is an even numbers
3 in an odd numbers
4 "

"printing all odd numbers:"
"printing all even numbers:"
"sum of all odd numbers:25
"sum of all even numbers:30

using a C Programming ARRAY

pleas pleas help.. its my project ..please :(

please help me.. how to write a code of this output?? "Enter range number:"10 1 is a..

Answer / mudita rathore

void main()
int a[10],i,sum=0,sum1=0;
printf("enter the all numbers");
printf("even numbers=%d\n",a[i]);
printf("sumof even numbers=%d\n",sum);
printf("odd numbers=%d\n",a[i]);
printf("sum of odd numbers=%d\n",sum1);

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