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What is the function of rough ER?

What is the function of rough ER?..

Answer / biomaster

Is the site of synthesis of secretory (exported proteins and
of N-linked oligosaccharide addition to many proteins.

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What spinal cord levels are vertebral disk herniation most likely to occur?

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CN IV passes through what 'hole'?

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What gut regions and structures does the celiac artery supply?

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Which branchial arch are the greater horn of hyoid and the stylopharyngeus muscle derived from?

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name the structures passing through juglar foramen.

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What 3 structures pass through the foramen magnum?

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Death of the cells called?

1 Answers   Visionary RCM,

Do the parafollicular (C) cells of the thyroid arise from neural crest (ectoderm), mesoderm, or endoderm?

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An easy pneumonic to remember fetal erythropoiesis is?

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What does the right 4th aortic arch give rise to?

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Explain the horner's syndrome?

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What are the input and output of the septal area?

1 Answers   Cipla, iSpace,