how to get the critical application?

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What is a cluster? What is High Availability and Fail over?

3 Answers   IBM,

how can we handle if server is hang? and how to handle out of memory in weblogic?

1 Answers   L&T, HCL,

what is diff btwn JNDI&JDBC?

6 Answers   CTS, JPMorgan Chase,

What is the basic requirement for starting a WebLogic server?.

1 Answers   CMC, Wipro, HCL, ABC Inc,

what happen when we give in url(what is process)

4 Answers   HCL, IBM,

Why will the manage server goes to ADMIN Mode and Unknow Status?

8 Answers   HCL,

what is LDAP?

2 Answers   CTS,

what r middleware services of weblogic application server

7 Answers   IBM,

what are the new features of Webservices 1.6 than 1.4.From the interface and implementation aspect4.

0 Answers  

What is config.xml.booted file.

2 Answers   IBM,

what is proxy? how it is used in real time?

1 Answers  

How could you retrieve password for I-Planet console if you have forgotten?

1 Answers   HCL,