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mount: mount to NFS server failed: System Error: Connection
timed out

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What is sqlcode -922 & -923?

2 Answers   Cap Gemini,

How to select particular number using rownum? Example: i need only the second max number using rownum.

2 Answers   Maveric,

mount: mount to NFS server failed: System Error: Connection timed out

0 Answers  

I want query to find the students name who have second highest marks in a table

1 Answers  

what is new g/l functionality

0 Answers  

hi. i m Anil patel when reconcile 57f4 chalan(subcontraction with out excise)i m facing error like short by material 220 kg. even i have migo all material.

0 Answers   Capita India Pvt Ltd,

hi friends , could u please suggest the best institute in hyd or bangalore for Oracle apps and pl/sql

1 Answers  

Trying to transfer data from Prod region to Test region.So,exporting data from Prod table(e.g xyz in prod) into a temporary table(e.g abc) and then inserting into Test table(e.g xyz in prod),but not able to insert data from one db2 table to another,the error coming out is 'foreign key vaue is not valid'

1 Answers  

how can i get the question papers of year 2006 and 2007 of 12th commerce gujarat board

0 Answers  

what will be the program output if it tries to access 11th item in an array of 10 and it is coded with NOSSRANGE

2 Answers   Cognizant,

what is the instrument that used in Mechanical Energy??

0 Answers