what are the other loops except for for,while,do while and

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how to create a (*)pyramid using java codes???

5 Answers   Infosys,

Why we r using String args[] in main() even though v r not passing any arguments in command line?

2 Answers  

we compile any program bu c:/>javac prog.java and run as c:/>java prog Here what's the meaning of c in javac. We have java Interpreter but not compiler.Then why we have to use javac. Please answer this question?

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For printing a message we use System.out.println in normal programs. We use String msg="text....."; Can't we use String msg=" " in normal programs and System.out.println("........") in applets. Please answer this question?

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How can we get the details for printing the employee details at run time using JDBC connectivity? can u provide the coding for that? Its urgent?

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is public static void main() work in java?is "String arg[]" needed as argument?

4 Answers   Tech Mahindra,

Can we run Applet in Web browser with security policy files

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write a program in java to find the moving average of all prime numbers between 2 and 100.

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How to create Date method to set the date in Ms Access

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Is there any static classes are in java give some examples

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what are the other loops except for for,while,do while and until?

0 Answers   Aricent,

Is it possible to define marker interface in java.If possible then how to define user defined marker interface?

1 Answers   Tech Mahindra,