what are the other loops except for for,while,do while and

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In java, why do we set thread priority, when we know that there is no guarantee by which a thread should be execute?

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Bubble Sort. java thereafter the user will be asked to inpout the size of the list,sort the list in ascending order and display the sorted list in a horizontal manner???

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Is it possible to define marker interface in java.If possible then how to define user defined marker interface?

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write a java program to create a Frame with three scrolls, change the back ground color of the frame using functions with values of scrolls.

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1+(2*3)+(4*5*6)+(7*8*9*10)+... specified input value

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Write a java program to display multiplication table in a Frame.

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what is runtime class?

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A game that has five levels of play has the score for each level stored in an array. You are to write a program that goes through that array and finds: a) the minimum score, and the level at which it occurred b) the maximum score, and the level at which it occurred c)the average score for all five levels The score data you must use for this program are as follows: Game Level Score 1 450 2 316 3 148 Stack implementations is mandatory.

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write a program in java to find the moving average of all prime numbers between 2 and 100.

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how to create a (*)pyramid using java codes???

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how to store and retrive a set of values without using an array

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Why we r using String args[] in main() even though v r not passing any arguments in command line?

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