what are the other loops except for for,while,do while and

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Why we r using String args[] in main() even though v r not passing any arguments in command line?

2 Answers  

1+(2*3)+(4*5*6)+(7*8*9*10)+... specified input value

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How Can I Trace A Java Program . Please Give Me Step by Step Process

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write a c program which takes 20 numbers in an array as input from user and rearrange them in two different array defining even or odd

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Is it possible to define marker interface in java.If possible then how to define user defined marker interface?

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How to create and run runnable jar file of a Java Project.

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is public static void main() work in java?is "String arg[]" needed as argument?

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how to print a message to console without using main() function?(do not use even static blocks also.)

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Is there any static classes are in java give some examples

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how to create a (*)pyramid using java codes???

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Write a program to convert a decimal number to binary form?

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Design a program using one-dimensional array that determines the highest value among the eight input values from a user. Display the difference of each value from the highest to the lowest.

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