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Hi to one and all .... i want to knw abt group exams ..
every detail of dis exams from d experienced persons ...
when dis exam will be held in 2010 ? .... i will be glad if
anyone can answer me what exactly am looking for ... thank u

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Hai I want previous model papers for group I & group IV

1 Answers   Group 4 iv, SSC,

i am doing...btech 3rd year..can i apply for groups....can any one help me...

0 Answers   KL University,

Hi, Does anyone have a soft copy of Group 1 material. If so, it would be of great help if you can send it to my mail at Thanks!

0 Answers  

Hi friends, Is any one aware of the Group I-2009 Prelims date? Can we hope that the selection process for this notification will be completed by the end of 2010 even?

1 Answers  

how i will get group 1 priliminary hall ticket

8 Answers   APPSC, Group 1 i,

hii. i want 2 attend the group 1 . where can i get the application form and when .....pls give me full details . actually i am not in AP .Thats y i dnt knw updates.

0 Answers  

i want to know the age limit for appearing the group 1 exam

0 Answers  

hi, can anyone tell me about the date of appsc group1 prelims

0 Answers  

is appsc groups notification will issue every year?

1 Answers   TCS,

Hi this is sanjeeva..i pursued my (cse) in 2006...i don't have any idea of groups... but iam very much desired to get it ...plz help me for that..plz give me the details about groups...where group I,group II differs...regularily whenthe test wil be ...thanking you ....

0 Answers  

hi this is lalitha.... i finished my B.E. degree last year...i like to write group 1 exam.. i don kow anything about it,, so will any one tel me .. hw to prepare for preliminary and main exam.. and prescribed book plz..... my id is.. kindly reply

1 Answers  

Hi, can we apply the group 1 postes aplications forms through online ?

1 Answers