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when will the exam for DAO notification 2008 will be held?
plzzzzz let me know about it.

when will the exam for DAO notification 2008 will be held? plzzzzz let me know about it...

Answer / yogi

i didn't know we are also applied too but as dates are not
announced and a lot of confusion i simply left it
if any information about it plese tell me

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First C.M. of Andhra Pradesh ? (a) N. Sanjiva Reddy (b) Trivedi (c) B. Rama Krishna Rao (d) D. Sanjeevayya

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Hi....... Iam kiranmai . i completed graduation . iam preparing for junior assistants in intermediate board. If any one know about the exam and syllabus. Please mail me. If any one have previous model papers plz send me. My

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