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What is servlet context ?

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What is servlet context ?..

Answer / veesa

sevlet context gives the information about servlet environment.

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What is servlet context ?..

Answer / srivani

Servlet Context Object is created by webcontainer.Through
out the web application one servlet Context Object is
created.This Context Object creates config object,For every
servlet request one config object is created,but entire web
application only one context object.

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What is servlet context ?..

Answer / mahesh

The servlet context is an object that contains a servlet's
view of the Web application within which the servlet is
running. Using the context, a servlet can log events, obtain
URL references to resources, and set and store attributes
that other servlets in the context can use. (answer supplied
by Sun's tutorial).

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What is servlet context ?..

Answer / suresh g

Servlet context:

Servlet context is communication
between server side .Every application has only one
servlet context and is accessible to all action
resource of that application.

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