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hi,dis is Shasi.I'm searhing on cognos.1 want realtime
scenarios with solutions.persons having hands on experience
in real time plz help me out.and iwant one project with
explanation please help me...

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What are the different modals of windows?

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What are the built-ins that are used for setting the LOV properties at runtime?

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What are the default extensions of the files careated by forms modules?

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How do you reference a Parameter?

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difference between place holder and formula column

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Can any one send me oracle form and reports tutorials from which i may get me on my mail

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What are the built-in routines is available in forms 4.0 to create and manipulate a parameter list?

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List out the oracle forms configuration files?

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How to call a report from Forms?

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in before report trigger SRW.user_exit(FND_Userinit) what will do

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Can you pass data parametrs to forms?

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Where is the external query executed at the client or the server?

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