What is VDA & DA Full Form?

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What is VDA & DA Full Form?..

Answer / mauli

What is VDA Full Form?

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What is VDA & DA Full Form?..

Answer / shiva

Verband Der Automobilindustrie

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please send model question papers fo BANK PO EXAM QUESTION PAPERS

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Student of NIIT persuing BSC(IT), are eligible to take admission in management colleges through cat...

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Find the least number which when divided by 25, 40 and 60, leaves the remainder 7 in each case

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Ramesh went to a bank with a cheque. He had no money with him. He handed over the cheque to one of the bank tellers. The bank teller was in a confused state of mind and cashed the cheque. He gave Ramesh as many rupees as those of paise he had to give and as many paise as those of rupees he had to give. Ramesh took the amount and left the bank. He then bought a chocolate for 75 paise from a shop nearby. He then observed that he was left with an amount which was the excess of the amount on the cheque over the amount he received from the teller. Find the sum of them number of rupees and paise on the cheque. a) 60. b) 75 c) 90 d) 120

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