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what is de percentage required to qualify in group 1
prelims and mains?

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i am a degreeholder through dist mode,iam ahousewife&iwant to write groups how to prepare for that all r saying it will be too tough u have to study morethan 12hrs it wont be possible for u,pls any one suggest me how to prepare.i have already applied for that exam but i cant get syllabus material&all,can anyone suggestme where can iget syllabus &material coaching must&should??

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hi i am sai..i am thinking to join group 1 coachng in hyd..can u plz tell me that which is the best institute for group 1 in hyderabad

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about hobbies

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Hello i want the detailed syllabus n important dates of Group I and II and also some important link on meterial of the competitive exams

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how I have to get Group 1 model Papers which were recently released by appsc?

25 Answers   APPSC, Group 1 i, Group 2 II, MAHINDRA, TEO, Wipro,

when would be the main test? is there any chance to wright exam in telugu?

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hi friend can anyone tell me. when is the group-I prelims and i heard that prelims is on 20th april 2008 ? whether the exam date was conformed are not? plz mail me my mail id is ( )

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hello , i lost my group 1 hallticket, and even i stored my hallticket no in my mobile but unfortunately i lost my mobile also, can anyone please help me how to know my group 1 results?

1 Answers   APPSC,

What is the highest mark/marks generally people reach in Group 1 exams (Final score)? If any one has any idea please post it here

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hi this is rahul. i had applied for group-1 in 2009. my qualification is B.Tech. actually i completed studying B.Tech in 2007 but passed in 2010 because of health problems. can any body please tell me am i eligible to write exam or not

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i hav completed M.C.A recently .i am interested to appear for group-1 exam.but i dont know the details regarding to that group-1 pls send the complete details of that exam. thanking u, swapna

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can i know the date of group1 exams and syllabus of the exam

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