what is diff btwn JNDI&JDBC?

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what is diff btwn JNDI&JDBC?..

Answer / weblogic

JNDI is the directory which contains the list of objects
defined on the server. When the user requests for a
connection pool, the code would look for the object on the
JNDI and would get the requested connection pool from the

JDBC is the one which does all the interactions with the
database. An application will lookup the JNDI to get a
connection pool for it to interact with the database.

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what is diff btwn JNDI&JDBC?..

Answer / ashok

JDBC is used to connection from DB.
JNDI is is used in connection pooling..
In weblogic server therir will be a JNDI Tree Option..
By Using Jndi we can get Certail connections from Database
at a time..and those connection will distubute to different
people...if connection are over then their will be increment
in option inserver ...we can set taht according to our
So final statement is in JNDI we are not going to
interact(getting connection) with Database .we will in
interact with server..
But in case of JDBC we will interact with Database directly
for gettin connection

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what is diff btwn JNDI&JDBC?..

Answer / bhasakr

JNDI whic is used for java naming and directory interfaces
purposes,where as in the case of JDBC we can create the

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what is diff btwn JNDI&JDBC?..

Answer / rajesh

JDBC and JNDI are two diff APIs from JEE spec

JDBC is dealing with Database connectivities

JNDI is act as an interface for many Naming services like

I think the question is some what tricky

there is no similarities b/t JNDI and JDBC so obiviously no
diiference :)

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what is diff btwn JNDI&JDBC?..

Answer / suman singh

For understanding JDBC and JNDI....we need to understand web container...web container is more similar to jvm..manager thread, security e.tc......In case of JDBC if multiple user request then object is created according to number of user. IN jdbc reuse ability of object is not possible. But in case of JNDI ..if three request is simultaneously coming from browser to web container ..then three object is created ..but when 4th ,5th ...request is coming it is use the object of previous request ..IN case of JNDI it is helpful in case of server crashes....You may be relate this topic with applet(jdbc)and servlet(JNDI).......

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what is diff btwn JNDI&JDBC?..

Answer / sowji

NDI is a protocol / mechanism used to lookup data / information, resources from a SPI that obeys the JNDI format. JNDI is available for manipulating naming services and directory services only. Examples include JNDI trees of EJB Containers, LDAP Directory Servers etc...
JDBC is a database specific protocol that Database vendors support for Java Data Access.
JNDI is used when your are trying to advertise and lookup data from a naming service or directory service and JDBC is used when you are querying / updating data in a Database server.

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