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I Don't Have SSLC Marksheet.Is It Compulsory To Bring SSLC
Marksheet To The Interview?

I Don't Have SSLC Marksheet.Is It Compulsory To Bring SSLC Marksheet To The Interview?..

Answer / venugopal

you can take white paper and then principal sign and school
sil take it

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When will be the final resul of SBI clerical exam held on 1st march 2009.i want to the the final selection list. thank you aneesh

2 Answers  

What is Current Repo rate

5 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

i m a graduate.i want to clear bank clerical exam.plz suggest me books for it.i find the reasoning questions difficult.the type in one or two statements are given and you have to choose correct statement plz tell me how to solve them.

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who is probationary officer?what are the functions of the same?how far u will be able to achieve it?

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me: (may i come in) good evening sirs, good evening mam.(with a smile in face) INT1: ask me to take my seat me: thank you sir Int1: u anitha.....completed MCA me: yes sir int1: k fine. Tell about how you are great? me: (think a while) int1: tell abt ur greatness in MCA....regarding ur project, paper presentations me: Sir, I have to tell abt my project r paper presentation? int1: anyone as u wish me: explain abt my project. int1: (ask some doubts regarding project) me: explained it clearly. int1: what made u to choose this project? me: since there are many hackers....eventhough there are so many technology to restrict it ....i choose this project at my level . int1: ur performance is good anitha me: thank you sir int2: you have mentioned that u have done paper presentations at national level,state level... me: ya...i have done so many but i had mentioned only one which i got prize... int2: k fine. tell me abt that topic. me: explained.... int2 : do u have account? me: ya i have account in SBI int1: in which branch? me: said the branch int2: do u opt for mobile banking facility? me:no i have not applied for that. int2: have u heard that even in SBI we have mobile banking facility? me: s i heard abt that int2: can u say wat it means? me: said abt mobile banking int2: u have mentioned abt NSS....wat have u done there? me: said abt camp, area we participated, theme of that camp, etc int1: good....well said. me: thank you sir. int3: what are the types of network? me: said LAN,WAN like that int1: wats that like tat? me: sry sir, i know only these two int3: can u tell abt tat? me: said abt LAN and WAN int3:what is HUB? me: said clearly abt HUB

0 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

can anyone please let me know when the results of the oriental bank of commerce clerical interview will be announced??

0 Answers   Indian Overseas Bank,

hii i selected for karnataka bank interview is 1st june 2011. im frm andhra pradesh.can i get job placement to andhra after finishing the interview.any 1 selected frm andhra plz msg me on 7207655202

0 Answers   Karnataka Bank,

I have got sbi clerical.I have completed btech in computer Science.What should i answer for why i want to do clerical Job infact of having an engg degree? Wil it not be a Degradation for my career?

2 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

Hi i would like to know what are reasons for medically unfit for sbi clerk. iam OH like Paraplegea so I finished my interview But now tension about medical test ple.. anybody clarify my query my id

0 Answers  

Why Bank job? you are from engineering?

15 Answers   Banking, State Bank Of India SBI, UBI, Union Bank,

hello frnds does any body know when will be the result of sbi clerical interview out. plz guys do reply

9 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

hi friends..i done the SBI ASSociates clerk interview in hyd for doubt is...900 posts present in it and is those all posts for OC or other reservations also included in it? means(BC,SC..etc., also included in it)how many posts for open category? what is the process?

1 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,