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What experienced do you think the job required ?

What experienced do you think the job required ?..

Answer / amn

now a days only need recommendation. only with studies we
can't survive, i understand form my experience...

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I am going face interview to undergo training in hotel management on 28th. Please let me know what questions would be asked in the interview.

3 Answers   Taj Group,

What kinds of changes and advances in technology have had an impact on tourism jobs?

1 Answers  

what a quetion in interview hotel????

0 Answers   Oberoi, Taj Group,

Name of front office software used in hotel?

3 Answers   Sunshine, The Park Hotels,

Please outline your previous hotel experience.

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what is your greatest strength?

0 Answers   Sheraton,

i want all types of question paper in related to hotel management course and its answer also

2 Answers   Sheraton,

which is the largest & tallest hotel in india

4 Answers  

What aspect do you feel satisfaction by customer of Hotel? How do you measure it in your hotel?

0 Answers   Le Meridien,

In what way can you contribute to the growth of our company?

0 Answers   Heritage,

What can you bring to this company

0 Answers   Ascott,

If you have a long term decision to make, what thought process do you go through?

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