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Actually I cleared the written test in Bank of India
Clerical Post. I have an interview on 22-Dec-2009. So Pls
suggest me as in which areas I need to prepare and
Concerntrarte for the interview.

Actually I cleared the written test in Bank of India Clerical Post. I have an interview on 22-Dec-2..

Answer / greeshma

They will ask questions regarding their bank. Be sure u
read all details
abt the bank..and also find differences between
nationalised bank and public sector bank and also diff.
between public sector bank and private sector bank..hw many
public sector banks r there,hw many private sector banks r
there,no. of nationalised banks..names of a few public
sector n private sector n nationalised banks...and foreign
banks also..n also details abt RBI..wat dey do..who r d
governors,deputy governors..etc...also abt urself,hobbies,
strengths,y u want 2 work in a bank,any work experience,y
shd we take u(u hv 2tell them ur good points,y u find
urself suitable 4 this post)...etc..etc...all the best

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Friends, this is Prasad from Vizianagaram (AP). I attended the interview on 28th April. The interview was very cool. Dont panic. They asked me about the following questions:- 1. What are the cut motions put in Lok Sabha on 27 April by opposition parties, How many votes both govt & opposition parties got? 2. What is your opinion about the cutmotions placed by opposition parties? 3. What documents are required to open a savings bank account? 4. What are the income sources for bank? 5. What is your opinion regarding women reservation bill? 6. What is our National Fruit?

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