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Banking Finance Interview Questions
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How to calculate tds on u/s 194C?

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What is Finance Function

eClerx, TCS,

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What is Owners Residue?

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differetiate capital reserve and reserve capital

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explain the various sources of finance

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How to Measure cost of capital? explain the measures of cost of capital

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define leverage? explain its types, relative significance and their features?


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define optimal capital structure? illustrate with examples:

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differentiate investment and finacing decisions

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explain the impact of dividend policy on shareprice behaviour or pattern?

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explain the impact of manufacturing sector after the global melt down? what are the strategical decissions required to be taken by the corporate sector to revive the situation?


Hi am a MBA FINANCE student,Would anyone suggest what course will be good to take up further , either CWA or CS. Hope you will fulfill the need.

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Why do you want a do MBA........plz send me proper ans frdss. Still i am waiting yours ans

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what is the punch line of iob????????

Indian Overseas Bank,

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What is the Net present value of eurekaforbes

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What Is The Single Supervisory Mechanism?


What are limited liability companies?


What is capital deficit?


What is the contestable period in an insurance policy?


What is dematerialization?


What are the common factors of 'money laundering'?


Differentiate between GDP and GNP?


i hav been selected for gd-pi of icici po 2012 may batch. m looking for its interview questions. can ny1 help??


What are the different policies of RRBs?


by which international certificate special import concession can be achived


What points are covered in the 'annual financial statement'?


How can the analysis of financial statements be carried out?


What Are The New Features Included In Openpages?


What are FDI (Foreign direct investment) and FII (Foreign institutional investors) and what is the difference in these?


What is an ATM?