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Banking Finance Interview Questions
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what is equity

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what is shot selling

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What is Mortgage Loan Modification?


What is Home Loan Modification?


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What u know about J P Morgan and why you want to join j p morgan?

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what is the meaning of portfolio management? what comes under portfolio management

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When inflation was high also the recession was high how these two contradictory things occur at a same time


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How to reporton accounting procedures of any organization and what is the role of Indian GAAP in accounting procedures.


What is the difference between Indian GAAP and Accounting Standards.

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What are the two accounts,automatecly closed?

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CASE STUDY:- Assume you an insurance consultant dealing with an umbrella of insurance products of various insurance companies. You have been approached by the Dean of a college to give presentation on the insurance titled” life insurance fulfills the needs of a person”. The presentation a should include the various needs of a person at different stages of life. You have been requested to include sufficient example to make the presentation more reachable.



CASE STUDY: S.C. Computers has been mismanaged by its promoter. The Company has over 50,000 employees with software expertise. It has clients over the last 15 years in 50 countries. The mismanagement has led to a severe cash crunch with no cash to meet even salary requirements. While the internal situation is one of financial and employee morale crisis, externally it enjoys the confidence of its clientele. The Government wants such a valuable institution, built over several years, to be saved so that it can continue to contribute to national wealth creation, but at the same time does not wish to extend direct financial assistance, lest it amounts to encouraging or subsidizing mismanagement. In one page, suggest the broad elements of a Business Continuity Plan covering all aspects (not just financial alone) specifically applicable to this situation.

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Explain in a sentence or two, each of the elements of a Business Plan and why it is necessary.


Explain with any real or imaginary example, the four generic Strategy Alternatives for Marketing


Brand has become an important aspect of Business. What are the advantages of building a Brand and what steps are available under IPR to protect its ownership?


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What are the different types of leases?


What is the cad?


What is npa in bank terminology?


What is difference between mergers, acquisitions and takeovers?


Are There Additional Documents And Other Requirements In A Chapter 13 Case? What Is Required In The Chapter 13 Plan?


Explain current ratio. What does it indicate?


What do you understand by foreign draft?


What is current assets turnover ratio? What does it indicate?


Speak on FIFA World Cup for a minute>


Explain debt service coverage ratio. What does it indicate?


What are NBFCs and difference between NBFCs and Bank?


profit centres


Differentiate between cheque and demand draft?


What do you know about primary, secondary and tertiary sector?


What Are The Rights And Obligations Of The Buyer And Seller For The Call And Put Options?